About Me


Rosita Roldan has been a resident of Staten Island for more than 50 Years, and knows the rich beauty which can be found and seen on Staten Island. Rosita is now using her photography skills to express her many Island experiences, and her vast and diversified dancing background to help her capture in photos modern dancers, who grace the local sites throughout Staten Island.
Her 35 years of background as a dancer/choreographer, and living in New York City has driven Rosita’s passion for photography. And has thus afforded her the opportunity exhibit beautiful works of art derived from her understanding of the different cultures, foods, various art forms she has seen, touched and learned about.
As a result of her journey, Rosita has made new friends with people of different backgrounds as she has been dancing for over 35 yrs, studying classical ballet, jazz, earthy, and free dance movement expressed in Isadora Duncan style. Rosita originally took an interest in dance at a young age because of its beauty, physical challenges, and to escape into another world. Now Rosita uses dance and photography to connect to people and the world around her that she knows. Her journey has prepared her with a unique view of the human experience, and has made her appreciate other people and situations differently.
Now Rosita is on the other side of the photo lens, through which she hopes to capture the essence of Staten Island’s beauty and the dancer in movement.